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PICK-UP POWER provides a comprehensive suite of services, including general logistics and delivery solutions, towing services for breakdowns or heavy loads, and professional driver (chauffeur) services. Our versatile fleet encompasses trucks, vans, open and closed bodies, flatbeds, taxis, and bodabodas to cater to diverse transportation needs.

At PICK-UP POWER, safety is paramount. Our team undergoes rigorous training, and we employ advanced safety protocols to guarantee the secure transportation of your goods. From general logistics to towing services, every step is taken to ensure the protection and integrity of your cargo.

PICK-UP POWER distinguishes itself through prompt and professional towing services. Our expert team is equipped to handle breakdowns and heavy loads efficiently. With a commitment to quick response times and careful handling, we ensure your vehicles or equipment reach their destination safely and securely.

Absolutely. PICK-UP POWER's courier services extend beyond packages to include confidential documents and valuables. Our courier solutions prioritize timely and reliable deliveries, backed by a dedication to professionalism and confidentiality.

PICK-UP POWER employs a rigorous selection process to choose skilled and courteous professional drivers. Our team undergoes continuous training to uphold high standards of service, emphasizing safety, punctuality, and customer satisfaction in every chauffeured journey.
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Timely and secure deliveries for your peace of mind.


Top-tier towing and courier services, tailored to your needs.


Dedication to ensuring the safety and security of your valuables.


Swift solutions, from breakdown assistance to on-time deliveries.

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